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Scholarship Project

In 2013-2015, Help Kids To School is providing scholarships for young ethic female students in Dak Glei, Kon Tum, central Vietnam. With a cost of $20 to $50 per month, a young girl will have access to general education, vocational training programs, music lessons giving them the education to support themselves and their family. Keeping them off the streets and not being a target for human trafficking.

Clean Water Wells Project

Help Kids To School is also building water wells to provide clean water for poor remote villages in Dak To, Kon Tum, central Vietnam. Each water well system consists of a water well, a pump, and a filter with the cost of $2,000, can serve over two hundred families in surrounding area.  In poor villages like these, poor children are drinking from mud puddles that cause many uncure sickness.

Donors and Sponsors in 2014
Kelly's client 1 * Kelly's client 2 * Duy Vũ * Kiệt Tạ * Lê Mỹ Duyên * Steven Joniak * Nguyễn Ngọc Quỳnh Nga * Nguyễn Mộng Lan * Đặng Thị Mỹ Chi * Lê Hồng Ân * Đặng Thị Mỹ Chi * Trần Kim Bảo * Kim Đoàn * Trung Bùi * James Nguyễn * Steve Bùi * Đặng Thanh Hằng * Kev Shido Nguyễn * Lê Trúc Mai * Trần Minh Tân * Trâm Lê * Lisa Nancy Morlock * Lưu Tường Vân * Cầm Nguyễn * Saba Ahmad * Khổng Phụng * Warren Holder

Visited poor ethnic villages in Dakglei (more info...)

Give rices, instant noodles, soy sauces, sugar for the poor people

Make balloons for poor children in Dak To

High demand for clean water in remote areas (more info...)